the brombies

The Brombies are a Los Angeles, CA band formed by Jo Ellen & George Doering in the late 1980's. All of the band members have played different styles of music from an early age, but for the past five years they've been dedicated to traditional bluegrass. They've all been performing as professional musicians for too long to even mention & as individuals they each have a long list of credits. They are all prominent in the southern California recording & bluegrass scene. With Jo Ellen on guitar & vocals, George on mandolin & vocals, Bill Bryson on bass & vocals and Patrick Sauber on banjo & vocals you've got an exciting band full of talent and experience. These seasoned performers travel all over the western states playing at various bluegrass festivals. The band places a lot of emphasis on the vocal harmonies and instrumentals, but their primary goal is to present their original songs and to play some music that might lift the spirits of the audience for that brief time they are there. Jo Ellen & George were winners in the Bluegrass & Gospel categories for the Chris Austin Songwriters Contest at Merlefest in 2007, 2009 & 2010. They've also been honored to perform in the IBMA Songwriters Showcase in Nashville in 2006 & 2010. Rhonda Vincent has recorded "Anywhere Is Home When You're With Me", one of Jo Ellen and George's songs from their first CD.

The Brombies (Brumbie's) are the wild horses that roam the outback of Australia. Click here for more information on the Brumbies.

Jo Ellen Doering
Acoustic Guitar, Lead and Harmony Vocals

jo ellen

Jo Ellen was born in Pittsburg, Kansas way back in the 1900's. She first played guitar at 10 years old when her Mother taught her some chords; her Dad also played guitar and both her parents played piano. She grew up singing old time music with her Mother and sister in church, on local TV and the odd barndance around town in San Diego, Calif. Piano lessons were added later and as a teenager she began playing the 5-string banjo, along with other friends in the San Diego area who had discovered bluegrass; friends such as Bernie Leadon, Kenny Wertz and Chris Hillman. The local San Diego music community was rich with players and performers who all benefited from the atmosphere of The Blue Guitar and The Land of Oden. The Blue Guitar was the local guitar shop owned and operated by the founders of The Scottsville Squirrel Barkers, Ed Douglas and Larry Murray. The Land of Oden was the local folk-bluegrass club where she began performing. After the girls quartet that she sang with returned from a 5 month USO Tour in 1964, including Viet Nam, she moved to Los Angeles. For many years she played in all the local folk music clubs, including the Troubadour, The Ice House & McCabes. A brief stint in Hoyt Axtons band, then traveling with The Smothers Brothers & Ricky Nelson, brought more interesting adventures. When she met George and they married 36 years ago, she hung up her traveling shoes. They began making music together, performing around town and writing music together for movies, television, documentaries, etc. Their favorite music is playing bluegrass with The Brombies and time spent with their furry animals in the piney hills of Hollywood. Check out some of Jo Ellen's stories on this website.

In December of 2012 Jo Ellen had several surgeries on her shoulder, then in May of 2015 she had surgery on her neck. Then, we were so fortunate to find John Plotnik to play guitar with us. Please read the story on our "NEWS" link page

George Doering

Mandolin, Lead and Harmony Vocals


George was born in Alton, Illinois. His Father started giving him piano lessons at the age of 5 and when he was 7 he decided that he had to have a guitar; which was bothersome to his classically inclined parents. For years as a young fellow he was fortunate to play in many bands with the local musicians in Escondido, California, including Pete Harrison. Somewhere in there he tried Irish Dancing with his sister Susan, which wasn't too cool at that time. He became Jr.High School President by promising Coca Cola in all the water fountains. In high school he played any instrument that the marching band needed; like glockenspiel and flute, even snare drum. He tried studying music at San Diego State College for a year, but he wanted to get out there and play not talk about it! When he moved north to Los Angeles he brought with him a VW Van full of stringed instruments, an accordion and a determination to succeed in the music industry. A few years on the road with performers like, "Sonny & Cher" and "Seals & Crofts" cured him of the traveling bug. Finally, all those years of practicing guitar began to reap some benefits. These many years later he is a very successful studio musician who is sought out for his ability to read the written music but make it sound spontaneous. If you wait to the bitter end of many movie credits, (James Bond, etc.) you'll often find his name listed there. He is also listed in the credits of many popular CD's. Although he can play anything with strings, for the past few years he's enjoyed the challenge of bluegrass mandolin. For sure, his favorite thing to do is play bluegrass with Jo Ellen, Bill & Patrick or to be at home with Jo Ellen, his wife of 36 years. P.S. His twin brothers still have that van.

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Bill Bryson

Acoustic Bass, Lead and Harmony Vocals


Bill was born in Evanston, Illinois, but calls California his home. Bill has a long list of credits in his wonderful career of playing and singing bluegrass and country music. He started playing bluegrass and old time music in the early 60's, then joined and recorded with The Bluegrass Cardinals and Country Gazette in the mid 70's. He was an original member of The Desert Rose Band with Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen. He's played with so many people we can't list them all; but we'll mention that he has several CD's with Ry Cooder, The Laurel Canyon Ramblers, Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen, Bluegrass Etc. (John Moore & Dennis Caplinger), and The Dillards. He's had some of his original songs recorded by many people, including Jerry Garcia's "Almost Acoustic Band". Recently he was part of the fabulous reunion of The Desert Rose Band. If he's in town, you can find him playing bluegrass every Saturday night for the past 18 years at Vincenzos in Valencia, California with "The Grateful Dudes". We are very glad to say that for the past 10 years, if Bill's in town, he'll also be playing and singing with The Brombies. Bill now lives in Monrovia, California with his long time, lovely wife Annie and their Golden Retriever, Little Birdie.
Here's a very interesting side note: Bill also plays gut string, fretless banjo, clawhammer style! Hey, try to say that real fast.

Patrick Sauber

Banjo, Guitar and Harmony Vocals


Patrick is a California native, born in Arcadia. Patrick may only be in his early thirtes, but he's already a veteran performer in old-time, bluegrass, folk, western, and other musical genres. He is exceptionally gifted on the Cajun accordion, mandolin, guitar and banjo. His first musical influence was his dad, old-time Master fiddler & claw-hammer banjo player, Tom Sauber, who he still performs with often. He also plays with many other bluegrass bands including Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum, Peter Rowan & John Jorgensen. Patrick has recorded with many artists including: Laurie Lewis, Richard Greene, Chris Stuart & Backcountry, Dirk Powell, Hazel Mountain and many others. He's toured with The Limeliters & original member Alex Hassilev. In 2003 Christopher Guest asked Patrick to be the banjo player in The New Main Street Singers in the folk-music satire movie, "A Mighty Wind". Patrick also plays on the soundtrack CD from that movie. He also toured with the cast of Mighty Wind, performing the music from that movie. Patrick, his Dad Tom, Herb Pedersen and Bill now play together often as a group in "Loafers Glory".
We're just happy that Patrick finds some time in there to play and sing with The Brombies.


John Plotnik

Guitar, banjo, vocals and dobro

John is one of those fellas who, like Patrick Sauber, plays anything with strings for a bluegrass band. Like Keith, he's played at Disneyland for over 10 years, and now at Knotts Berry Farm. Some of the best bluegrass players in town play at Knotts. We are glad that John is now playing with us since Jo Ellen's neck and arm have gone south.

Keith Rosier

Acoustic Bass

Keith Rosier is the only person we've found who can play like Bill Bryson. In fact, he and Bill are old pals from the old days of The Palomino Club in North Hollywood. Keith, as he said, has "played with everybody, once". For the past 10 years, he and John Plotnik are the mainstay of the Southbay area bluegrass musicians; playing at Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm. Hey, don't knock it, there are some great players at Knotts Berry Farm. This is Los Angeles! Not too many places to play bluegrass. We are very happy to have found Keith & John and are very glad he's playing with us until Bill feels up to coming back onstage.



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